Planning & Redevelopment

The Department of Planning and Redevelopment strives to effectively encourage and support appropriate land development and redevelopment within the City of Asbury Park. We provide recommendations and assistance to the City Council, various land use boards, and the public.

We also administer the municipal Green Team and maintain the City's Sustainable New Jersey Certification. Within this department, each staff member performs multiple roles, thus providing a variety of vital services to the community.

Development Review

The Department is the home to the Municipal Land Use Boards:

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The Department continually strives to improve local ordinances and redevelopment plans to make them more user-friendly, address new situations, and correct deficiencies.

  • Amended the Central Business District Redevelopment Plan to allow for the City's first craft distillery and bringing service uses back to Cookman Avenue.
  • Amended the Waterfront Redevelopment Plan area permitting smaller scale development that is less than a city block.
  • Completed a strategic revitalization plan for the West Side neighborhood of Asbury Park.
  • Earned Silver Level Certification by Sustainable Jersey, which is a prestigious designation demonstrating a municipal government’s commitment to the environment;
  • Hosted the first "Better Block" event on Springwood Avenue to show how revitalization of a single commercial block in an underused neighborhood corridor can positively impact the surrounding community as a whole.