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Welcome to the Department of Planning and Redevelopment's webpage. It is a pleasure to be able to provide as much information as possible through the City of Asbury Park's website. 

Michele Alonso, PP/AICP, Director of Planning and Redevelopment

Department Description

Using smart growth planning principles, the Department of Planning and Redevelopment provides recommendations and assistance to the governing body of the City, land development review bodies, and the public to encourage and support appropriate land development and redevelopment within Asbury Park. 

Each Department staff member provides a variety of services to the community and performs multiple roles. The Director acts as Redevelopment Coordinator and City Planner.  The Director is also the City Administrator of the Springwood Avenue Brownfield Development Area, the project manager for the EPA Brownfield and Petroleum Clean-up grant and Co-Manager with the Housing Authority on a HUD Choice planning grant for the West Side neighborhood. The Assistant Planner has assumed the role of Zoning Officer as well as being both Zoning and Planning Board Secretary.  The department also benefits from the resources of the City Parking Manager/Planner.

Land Use

  • The Department is often the first stop for developers or redevelopers who wish to do work in the City of Asbury Park, and of course to local residents and merchants seeking to improve their property or open a business in Asbury Park;
  • The Department provides interpretation of local laws and guidance regarding the development approval process; and
  • The Department approves zoning compliance for transfer of title and for construction permits.
  • The Department maintains files of all redevelopment plans and their amendments, redeveloper agreements, site plan and variance application files, zoning records, and various planning studies and reports. Most can be found on this website.

Development Review

All applications for development are submitted to the Director for completeness review before scheduled for review by a Municipal Land Use Board.  The Department is the home to the Planning Board, Zoning Board of Adjustment and the Technical Review Committee. The Department also provides technical assistance and guidance to the governing body, Technical Review Committee and other established committees and bodies throughout the City.  Any requests for encroachment in the public Right-Of-Way is filed and reviewed by the department. 

One of the department’s key roles is to interpret the municipal zoning ordinance and redevelopment regulations.  The Department reviews all construction permits for compliance with zoning ordinance standards. Zoning Permits, Zoning Certificates of Compliance and Zoning letters of interpretation are obtained from this Department. Please click on the right for the Zoning Division for more information and forms.


The Department of Planning and Redevelopment manages redevelopment activity with the City of Asbury Park. This includes development within the City’s redevelopment areas, and negotiation of redeveloper agreements.

Staff also works to amend the City’s redevelopment plans to reflect the City’s current vision as well as new land use trends.

Current Long Term Planning Projects

MASTER PLAN: The Planning Board recently adopted the re-examination of the Master Plan. The adopted plan can be found here

CHOICE NEIGHBORHOODS: The Department of Planning with the Asbury Park Housing Authority are the recipients of a HUD Choice Neighborhood Planning Grant.  The strategic plan will focus on three themes; Neighborhood, Housing and People.  Currently, a needs assessment survey is being conducted by Monmouth University for the grant.  For more informationv visit

EPA BROWNFIELDS: The City has just launched the execution of its EPA Brownfield and Petroleum Assessment Grant which was awarded in 2016.  The City with its consultant will create a site inventory and select 4 sites for contamination assessment with 2 sites focusing on petroleum contamination.

Land Use Regulation Updates and Drafting

The Department is always seeking to improve local ordinances and redevelopment plans to make them more user-friendly, to address new situations, and to correct deficiencies.

Noteworthy projects include:

    • Drafting of the Amended Springwood Avenue Redevelopment Plan, the first redevelopment plan in the City drafted by in-house staff;
    • Amendment of the STARS Redevelopment Plan allowing for the construction of 21, new affordable housing units;
    • Site plan review requirements clarified and simplified to streamline the development approval process;
    • Signage provisions updated to include realtor and construction signs where ordinance contained no provisions whatsoever;
    • Bed and Breakfasts requirements established to allow for B&Bs east of Grand Street;
    • Addressed the Residential Site Improvement Standards pursuant to state law;
    • Amendment of the Central Business District Redevelopment Plan to allow for the City's first craft distillery and limited services on Cookman Avenue.
    • Recognition for the local Complete Streets Policy by the State of New Jersey. 
    • Awarded Bronze Level Certification by Sustainable Jersey, a prestigious designation for municipal governments with a commitment to their environment. 
    • Hosted the first "Better Block" event on Springwood Avenue to show how revitalization of a single commercial block in an underused neighborhood corridor could benefit a community.

Choice Neighborhoods Meeting, 2016


Monmouth County Planning Board Merit Award

Springwood Center Redevelopment Project 2012

Monmouth County Planning Board Merit Award

STARS Redevelopment Project, “Operation Westside” 2011

Monmouth County Planning Board Merit Award

Asbury Tower Rehabilitation 2009

New Jersey Planning Officials Planning Achievement Award

Amended Springwood Avenue Redevelopment Plan, May 2008

Monmouth County Planning Board Merit Award

Amended Springwood Avenue Redevelopment Plan 2008

Monmouth County Planning Board Merit Award

 Urban Center Designation, October 2005

Department Performance Measurement Dashboard: Planning and Zoning

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