Instructions for Summer Rental Tenant Change

As per Chapter 12, Section 8.10 of the Code of the City of Asbury Park, New Jersey, all summer rental licensees must complete and submit a change of tenant form each time the occupancy of the summer rental premises changes throughout the season.

Use the link below for the required form:

Please complete the form providing the following information:

  1. Address of the summer rental property. Once you start typing in the address, the name and address of the owner should populate in the next section below, automatically.  Please ensure that this information is correct;

  2. Please insert your Summer Rental License number issued by the Department of Property Improvement and Neighborhood Preservation at the commencement of the season. This number is found on your License provided by the Department, after successful processing of your License application and completion of your inspections;

  3. Correct property owner’s name and address, and telephone number;

  4. the name, address and telephone number of any agent or realtor acting on behalf of the property owner in the summer rental process;

  5. the name(s) and address(es) of each and every tenant and person contributing toward the cost of the summer rental and who will be occupying the premises. At the bottom, left side of the form, there is a tab (“Add Occupant”), to add each individual tenant who will be occupying the premises.  Use this tab to add the names and ages of all tenants to be occupying the premises;

  6. the number of tenants legally permitted to occupy the premises, as specified by the Housing Inspector at the time of the initial inspection;

  7. the number of legal bedrooms as delineated by the Housing Inspector at the time of the initial inspection;

  8. the start and end dates of the tenancy.


When all of the above information has been completed, please hit the “Submit” tab at the bottom of the page.    

Note- The above process must be completed, and the form submitted each and every time occupancy changes during the summer season.  Failure to do so, or the submission of false, inaccurate  or deficient information in connection with this process, will subject the property owner/licensee to the issuance of a Summons for violation of this Code provision, resulting in a monetary fine and possible revocation of the summer rental license for the premises. 

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