Deal Lake Health Advisory

The Monmouth County Health Dept is advising people not to canoe or kayak on Deal Lake at this time. This is due to concerns about blue-green algae which can be harmful to pets or people.
Wash your hands well if you come in contact with lake water.

Cyano-bacteria ( blue - green algae) can form when there is a combination of high temperatures and a lot of storm water run off. We have had both conditions this summer.

The DLC is in discussions with the Monmouth County Health Dept on the recent test results and about restrictions on lake use. Additional testing is being conducted in all sections to fully understand the issue and thus restrictions. Current restrictions are based on eastern end results.

The next lake test will be done on Thursday. We should know the results the following day.

You can check our web site  for up to date DLC tweets or follow us on Twitter.

We will keep you advised of the condition.

Please share this information with anyone you know who recreates on the lake.
Signs are being posted.

Thank you for your attention.
The Deal Lake Commission

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