Redevelopment Areas

Waterfront Redevelopment Area (Waterfront Redevelopment Plan)
Perhaps the most popular part of the City's redevelopment efforts due to the amount of media attention it receives and its size (approximately 56 acres) the Waterfront Redevelopment Area is envisioned to contain 3,164 residential units and nearly 450,000 square feet of commercial space. Not only will new residential buildings (some containing commercial uses as well) be constructed, but an almost complete "rebuild" of the utility infrastructure and public streetscape will be realized.

The Vive

Central Business District Redevelopment Area(Central Business District Redevelopment Plan)
The historic heart of the City's business community, the Central Business District is well underway to becoming a popular destination and thriving commercial center once more. At projected build-out, the Central Business District could contain nearly 600 residential units on the upper stories of existing buildings, with renovated commercial spaces containing a mix of retail and service industries.

Cookman and Mattison

Scattered Site Redevelopment Area (Scattered Site Phase I Redevelopment Plan) (Scattered Site Phase IA Redevelopment Plan)
As the name implies, the City is actively seeking the redevelopment of deteriorated properties which are scattered throughout the City. The program is working. City administration has entered into negotiations with redevelopers for the first round of available deteriorated properties. The primary strategy for the scattered site program is to firmly encourage unresponsive property owners to fix up their properties, if the owner doesn't do it, then someone who will, will be found.

933 Bangs Scattered Site

Strategic Target Area Rebuilding Spirit Redevelopment Area (S.T.A.R.S.)(STARS Redevelopment Plan)

Located in the most southwestern corner of the City, the STARS redevelopment area is targeted for a rehabilitation or reconstruction of housing and a focus on creating neighborhood commercial activity along Springwood Avenue. There are a number of new homes under construction in this area.Avenue A

Main Street Redevelopment Area (Main Street Redevelopment Plan)
The Mayor and Council designated the Main Street corridor as a redevelopment area in the Spring of 2004. Guiding the planning process and the creation of a redevelopment plan for the Main Street corridor was the Main Street Steering Committee, a group comprised of local and state representatives. Now begins the implementation of this important planning initiative in the City. Main Street Plan Cover Photo

Springwood Avenue Redevelopment Area (Springwood Avenue Redevelopment Plan-Amended)
The City of Asbury Park has adopted a redevelopment plan for this historic city thoroughfare. The Springwood Avenue Redevelopment Plan is the result of an aggressive public participation process including community meetings, stakeholder participation and the guidance of the Springwood Avenue Advisory Committee.

The City of Asbury Park received an Achievement in Planning Award from the New Jersey Planning Officials for its work on the Amended Springwood Avenue Redevelopment Plan. The City has also received a 2008 Planning Merit Award from the Monmouth County Planning Board for the Plan and the active public participation process used to draft it.

The Springwood Center

Washington Avenue Redevelopment Area (Washington Avenue Redevelopment Plan)
Washington Avenue between Prospect Avenue and Ridge Avenue has been declared a redevelopment area. A cooperative effort between the Housing Authority and the City has brought about a renewed vision for this street.

Washington Plan Map

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