Urban Enterprise Zone

The City of Asbury Park is designated as a New Jersey Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ). This program provides incentives to locate your business in Asbury Park.

Those benefits include:

  • 100% sales tax exemption for specified materials and tangible personal property
  • Qualified retail businesses may charge 50% of the 7% NJ sales tax (3.5%) on certain “in person” purchases
  • One-time corporate tax credit of $1,500 for each new full time employee who is a resident of Asbury Park and has been unemployed for at least 90 days or dependent upon public assistance
  • Subsidized unemployment insurance for certain new employees with gross salaries of less than $4,500 per quarter as per Department of labor schedule.
  • Tax credit against the Corporation Business Credit of 8% if investment is an approved “In Lieu” by the Urban Enterprise Zone Authority and City of Asbury Park

Find out more about the UEZ, how to qualify, how to get started, and what it does here

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