Department of Public Works

The Asbury Park Department of Public Works (DPW), located at 9 Main Street, is a hands-on team of professionals dedicated to keeping the City clean and well-maintained while providing quick and courteous service to residents.


DPW is responsible for improving and maintaining Asbury Park’s infrastructure including administering the trash and recycling programs, including managing the Asbury Park Recycling Center located at 818 Lake Avenue; handling snow removal and leaf collection, maintaining
City-owned street lights, parks, recreational facilities, including the Beach and Boardwalk, roads, traffic lights, traffic signs; and managing operation of the Waste Water Treatment Plant

In addition, DPW manages stormwater maintenance, including the cleaning of lake outfalls, sewers and water quality chambers and handles shade tree maintenance, including tree removal and plantings.

Neighboring Municipalities Served

DPW also provides support services to neighboring municipalities such as Allenhurst, Bradley Beach, Interlaken, Loch Arbour and Neptune.


The Superintendent of Public Works oversees 25 full-time employees, in addition to part-time and seasonal employees, including a carpenter, custodians, an electrician, equipment operators, general maintenance repairers, a mason, sewage plant repairers, sewer line repairers and truck drivers/laborers.