Emergency Preparedness

Emergencies can happen anywhere at any time and it’s crucial to be prepared before disaster strikes.

Safety Tips

For tips on how to prepare and keep your family, business and home safe:

For important emergency information from the City of Asbury Park:

  • Sign up at Nixle to automatically receive critical community information and local emergency notices.

In case of high winds:

  • Secure your property. Put away outdoor decorations and other items that could be affected by high winds and heavy precipitation. Clear any debris away from storm drains, allowing water to flow properly.

Clearing Snow & Ice

  • Snow and ice should be removed from all exit ways, doors and fire escapes. All Fire Department connections must be cleared of snow and ice. If a fire hydrant is on your property, help out the Fire Department by clearing snow from the immediate area around it.
  • Sidewalks must be cleared by 12 hours after the end of snowfall. Take your time shoveling, and stay wrapped up in layers when outside. Do not shovel snow or aim snowblowers on to the street. Place snow up on the curb out of street lines to prevent it from being plowed back into your driveway.

Emergency Communication and Kits

After the storm has passed, check in on elderly or disabled neighbors.

Keep your cell phone fully charged and plugged in. Assemble an emergency kit including the following: Batteries,
Can opener, Cooking tools, First-aid medications, Flashlight, Food and water to last three or more days, Hand sanitizers, Radio,Toiletries

Know your emergency plan in case of evacuation.

Emergency Updates

In case of an emergency, updates will be posted on:

For More Information

Important Numbers - Report All Emergencies to 911

  • Emergency: 911
  • City Hall: 732-775-2100
  • Department of Public Works: 732-775-0900
  • Fire Department (non-emergency): 732-775-6300
  • Jersey Central Power & Light (to report power outages): 800-544-4877
  • Monmouth County Health Department: 732-431-7456
  • Monmouth County SPCA (to report injured or stranded animals that needs help): 732-542-0040
  • NJ Natural Gas (to report gas leaks): 800-427-5325
  • Police Department (non-emergency): 732-774-1300

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