Pets & Strays

During a winter storm, if you see an injured or stranded animal that needs help, contact your local animal shelter or the Monmouth County SPCA at 732-5420-0040.

Please remember that homeless animals are in need of food during storm conditions. A bowl of food or unfrozen water can aid them in survival until conditions improve.

When making plans in case of an evacuation, be sure to plan for and bring along your pet.

Foot Care

Dogs walking in snowy areas may get large ice balls between their pads, causing the dog to limp. Be sure to keep ice clear from this area. For dogs that have a lot of hair between the pads, keeping it clipped shorter will help with ice ball formation. Dog boots offer protection to those dogs that will tolerate wearing them.

Salt & Chemical De-Icers

Pets who walk on sidewalks that have been "de-iced" are prone to dry, chapped, and potentially painful paws. This will encourage the pet to lick their paws, and ingestion may cause gastrointestinal irritation and upset. Wash off your pet's feet after an outing with a warm wet cloth or foot bath.