Other Safety Tips

Safety During Severe Weather

In case of high winds, secure your property. Put away outdoor decorations and other items that could be affected by high winds and heavy precipitation. Clear any debris away from storm drains, allowing water to flow properly.

Clearing Snow & Ice

Snow and ice should be removed from all exit ways, doors and fire escapes. All Fire Department connections must be cleared of snow and ice. If a fire hydrant is on your property, help out the Fire Department by clearing snow from the immediate area around it.

Sidewalks must be cleared by 12 hours after the end of snowfall. Take your time shoveling, and stay wrapped up in layers when outside. Do not shovel snow or aim snowblowers on to the street. Place snow up on the curb out of street lines to prevent it from being plowed back into your driveway.

Emergency Communication an Kits

After the storm has passed, check in on elderly or disabled neighbors.

Keep your cell phone fully charged and plugged in. Assemble an emergency kit including the following: Batteries,
Can opener, Cooking tools, First-aid medications, Flashlight, Food and water to last three or more days, Hand sanitizers, Radio,Toiletries

Know your emergency plan in case of evacuation.

Power Outages

In the case of a power outage:

  • Unplug or turn off all lights and appliances, to prevent a circuit overload when the power comes back. Leave one light on and plugged in, in order to tell when the power is back.
  • Do not use candles as a light source. Make sure that you have enough spare batteries for flashlights, lanterns, etc.
  • If you have a generator, do not have it running from inside your house.
  • Keep your refrigerator and freezer doors closed as much as possible, to keep food from spoiling for as long as possible.
  • Do not use your gas oven to warm your house.
  • Turn on faucets to keep your pipes from freezing.
  • Report outages to Jersey Central Power and Light at 888-544-4877