Traffic Safety Unit

The Traffic Safety Unit is responsible for the enforcement of state motor vehicle laws, local ordinances, and investigation of motor vehicle crashes throughout the City of Asbury Park. This includes serious, fatal, and hit and run motor vehicle crashes.

The Traffic Safety Unit keeps a record of the motor vehicles impounded for motor vehicle violations and applies for junk and resale titles through the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission when the vehicles are not removed from the impound location. The Traffic Safety Unit falls under the command of the Operations Division commander.


The Traffic Safety Unit offers a variety of services to residents:

  • Conducts inspections of all Taxi Cabs and Taxi Cab licensing in the City of Asbury Park per the local ordinances.
  • Conducts motor vehicle enforcement at high volume and crash rate locations to promote safe driving practices.
  • Deploys portable radar and variable message trailers to areas of speeding complaints and road work locations.
  • Maintains records for motor vehicle crashes and summonses issued.
  • Oversees the crossguards which are located throughout the City during which time they are needed.
  • Provides feedback of site plan surveys for new developments so that traffic will move safely and efficiently.