Investigative Section

The City of Asbury Park Police Department Investigative Section is comprised of two sections:

  • Adult section
  • Juvenile section


The Investigative Section is responsible for conducting follow-up investigations on all reported crimes. In addition to furthering initial reports taken by patrol officers, they routinely seek, gather and cultivate information regarding unreported criminal activity and prepare the same for prosecution. The Investigative Section is also responsible for the following:

  • ABC cards
  • Crime prevention
  • Firearms ID background investigations
  • Megan Law registry

Narcotics & Gangs Unit

Also under the command of the Investigative Section is the Narcotics and Gangs Unit. The mission of the Narcotics and Gang Unit is to disrupt violent street gangs and the means by which they support their lifestyle, including the manufacture, transportation, sale and use of illicit drugs, and sales of firearms in the City of Asbury Park.

Narcotics and Gang Unit enforcement efforts also focus on street-level enforcement strategies to effect a reduction in high-level crimes, thereby resolving community problems and facilitating uniformed officer’s involvement.