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Click here for Construction Permit Applications.

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The Construction Department is responsible for enforcing the regulations of the State Uniform Construction Code, which was established by the State of New Jersey to ensure that new construction (commercial, industrial and residential) adhere to the minimum standards of workmanship and safety.

Construction Permit

When building, remodeling or adding onto your home or business, a construction permit is generally required. During the planning stage of your project and before you begin construction, call or visit the Construction Department. Your permit application will be customized based on the type of construction you are planning.

Construction Permit Applications 

To download permit applications, click here to visit the Construction Permit Application Packet & Related Forms section of the State of New Jersey Department of Community Affairs website.

Contractor Requirements

To protect the homeowner, be sure contractors are registered with the division of Consumer Affairs as a Home Improvement Contractor. They will have to show a registration card from the State before any permits can be issued. For more information call Consumer Affairs at 888-656-6225.