Zoning Board of Adjustment

Please Note: Links to view applications for upcoming Zoning Board of Adjustment meetings can be found below. Contact the Department of Planning & Redevelopment with any questions at 732-502-5708 or irina.gasparyan@cityofasburypark.com. 

Current Applications for Upcoming Zoning Board Meetings:

* 300 Sixth Avenue, 300 6th Avenue, LLC,  Block 3606, Lot 5 (Zoning Board 10/13/20; 9/8/20)

*  704 Fourth Avenue, 13 Grand Point Way, LLC; Block 2805 Lot 5 (Zoning Board 10/13/20; 9/8/20; 7/14/20

*  1302 Mattison Avenue, 1302 Mattison, LLC, Block 1101, Lot 23 (Zoning Board 10/27/20; 9/22/20; 8/11/20; 6/23/20; 6/9/20; 5/26/20; 4/28/20)

* 910 Cookman Avenue, 900 Cookman, LLC, Block 704, Lot 3, (Zoning Board 10/27/20)


Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

View Most Recent Agendas and Minutes

View 2020 Zoning Board Meeting Schedule and Revised Annual Notice

About the Zoning Board of Adjustment

The City of Asbury Park Zoning Board of Adjustment (Zoning Board) is responsible for deciding on certain types of variance applications including "d" or use type variances. The Zoning Board is also responsible for deciding on "c" or bulk type variances except where they are ancillary to an application for subdivision, site plan, or conditional use permit reviews.

The Zoning Board also has the power to hear an appeal of the decision of the Zoning Officer, and has the power to hear and decide requests for interpretation of the zoning map, and the City’s land development regulations.

The Zoning Board is comprised of 7 regular members and 2 alternate members.

To Submit an Application to the Zoning Board

Submit completed application forms (see Resource section below), along with all required documents, to Michele Alonso, Director of Planning and Redevelopment for review.