Zoning approvals are required for all work that mandates a construction permit (with the exception of interior only renovations) and for all fences, driveways, and signage on all residential properties and commercial businesses.

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  • A Certificate of Zoning Compliance costs $20 and is issued for Transfers of Title to verify the use of the site and changes of use, and for new businesses prior to obtaining Mercantile Licenses.
  • Fence and construction approvals are $10.
  • Sign permits are $25 for both new and replacement signage.

Additional Zoning Information

Sidewalk Cafes and Sidewalk Sales also require zoning approval.

Zoning Maps (PDF), the Zoning Ordinance, and all forms and applications can be obtained Here or in-person from the Planning and Redevelopment/Zoning Department on the second floor in City Hall.

Residential Zone Bulk Requirements (PDF) & Commercial Zone Bulk Requirements (PDF), provide a guide of the setbacks and bulk requirements for all residential and commercial zones in the city.