Parking for Residents

The Parking Office encourages all applicants to apply for parking permits online. This can be done from home. All permits are virtual, meaning there’s no need for hangtags or decals - the license plate is the permit.

2023 Parking Permits: ALL new and existing permit holders must complete an application for a residential permit beginning January 3, 2023.

Purchasing Permit

Resident Parking Permits can be purchased through the online portal.

For assistance, contact the Parking Office at 732-502-4562, Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Please note: Notarized letters are required if the applicant is utilizing a company vehicle. If the applicant is not listed as the owner of the vehicle on the vehicle registration card additional documents including an insurance declaration may be needed. Additionally, only residents without access to off-street parking (driveways, parking lots, garages) may purchase a Resident Parking Permit. For applicants who have access to off-street parking but need a permit for an additional resident/vehicle, or do not have access to off-street parking, a notarized letter from the property owner/manager, or a letter on letterhead from the property management company, stating the lack of access is required. Please view the resident permit terms and conditions for more information.

Eligibility, Requirements and Fees

Guest Parking Permits

The City has launched a Guest Parking Permit program to help make parking for your visitors easier. Residents in metered parking zones 1 through 4, may purchase up to 2 Guest Parking Permits a day at a discounted rate of $10. 

Residents with active parking permits can purchase Guest Parking Permits online up to, and including, the same calendar day they are needed. Residents without active parking permits may also purchase Guest Parking Permits online but will need to allow 3 days for the permit to be approved. 

Once the permits are activated, guests may simply park in the Zone for which the Guest Parking Permit was purchased, no hangtag or decal required.

  • For instructions and guidelines, click here.
  • To purchase Guest Parking Permits, click here. 
Permit Parking Map 2023