Paying for Parking

The City utilizes a pay-by-plate system for metered parking. Please read the Pay-by-Plate FAQs to find out more about what this means for visitors to Asbury Park.

Parking Pay Stations

Parking pay stations are located in all metered parking areas. Please see the video below for more information on how to use the pay stations to pay-by-plate.

When using the pay stations, you can view, download, and print your parking receipts for easier expensing and reporting at You can even create an account and set up one or more credit cards to automatically enter your license plate and email a receipt any time you park using any pay station.

Parking Payment Apps

Pay for parking at multi-space parking pay stations or using one of the Mobile Phone Application available on and in your mobile iPhone App or Google Play stores. The apps provide a very convenient way to pay for parking and extend parking sessions remotely for a per-transaction convenience fee of $0.30. Below are the mobile applications currently available in the City of Asbury Park.

Available Mobile Application

Parking Payment through Texting or Calling

Park by Text

ParkMobile offers parking payment options through text services. Text "Park" to 77223 and follow the prompts to easily pay for parking.

Park by Phone Call

If texting or mobile applications are not accessible or desired, use your phone to call 732-538-8445 and purchase parking from PayByPhone.

Park by QR Code

The signage below is available on each Parking Pay Station. For an easy payment option use your mobile device to scan the QR code listed and quickly purchase parking.

Asbury Park Parking Meter Decals