Rent Leveling

On March 10, 2021, the Mayor and Council of the City of Asbury Park adopted ordinance No. 2021-5, entitled “An Ordinance Establishing A Rent Leveling Board As Well As Rules That Regulate The Price of Rent and Rate of Rent Increase For Certain Rental Housing Within The City of Asbury Park, And Amending and Supplementing The Code Of The City Of Asbury Park To Establish A New Chapter 15 Thereof”.

The purpose of the ordinance is to provide stability to housing costs of renter households and reduce significant increases in rents. For the Rent Leveling Ordinance, click here.

The ordinance applies to rental properties with five (5) or more units available for rental housing. 

Owner/occupant landlords that manage the units where they reside are required to register as well. 

For additional guidance, click here to review the Rent Leveling Guidance Presentation.

Rent Leveling Board

For information on Rent Leveling Board meetings, click here.

"Truth in Renting" Guide

For the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs' "Truth in Renting" Guide in English, click here and in Spanish, click here. The guide outlines the rights and responsibilities of residential tenants and landlords in New Jersey.

Rent Leveling Forms

Please review and complete the forms below and return via mail to the attention of the Rent Regulation Officer at the address above. Alternatively, forms can be scanned and emailed. For questions, contact the Rent Regulation Officer or Director of Community Development at the contact information above.

Initial / Annual RegistrationRent Increase / Vacancy DecontrolAppeal for Fair Net Operating Income
Landlord Registration (English) (PDF)

Landlord Registration (Espanol) (PDF)

Rent Adjustment Filing-Vacancy Decontrol Update Application (English) (PDF)

Rent Adjustment Filing-Vacancy Decontrol Update Application (Espanol) (PDF)
Appeal Application (English) (PDF)

Appeal Application (Espanol) (PDF)
Tenant Lease Property Information (English) (PDF)

Tenant Lease Property Information (Espanol) (PDF)

Gross Income and Reasonable and Necessary Operating Expenses (Excel File)

Owner Occupancy Affidavit (Bi-Lingual) (PDF)

  1. Ronica Dinkins

    Rent Regulation Officer / Housing Coordinator
    Phone: 732-502-4577

  2. Robert Goodman

    Director of Community Development
    Phone: 732-502-5741