Sidewalk Business License

Any business establishment (including those on the Boardwalk) that wishes to participate in outdoor dining (cafe) or outdoor retail sales activities must have a current Sidewalk Business License. Important notes:

  • To apply for a Sidewalk Business License you MUST already have a current Mercantile License on file with the City of Asbury Park
  • Sidewalk Business Licenses are valid through the end of the year and must be renewed annually
  • The City’s Code Enforcement Department will regularly inspect the outdoor right-of-way usage to ensure compliance with the approved application
  • If not previously obtained, all outdoor dining establishments must apply for an ABC expansion of premises permit, Apply here:
  • Nothing may be put out on sidewalks prior to March 1st. All items must be removed from the sidewalk by December 31st

To apply for a Sidewalk Business License online, click here

For approved uses, requirements and fees, click here to see the City's Sidewalk Business License ordinance (Chapter 4-9 "Display of Merchandise in Public Areas; Outdoor/Sidewalk Cafes").