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Posted on: August 8, 2019

What You Need to Know About Scooters in Asbury Park

The City’s new electric scooter share program with Zagster, and their partner SPIN, launched last week. The pilot scooter share program will run through June 2020. The program includes up to 250 scooters stationed at 30 locations around Asbury Park for riders 18 years and older. Scooters will be available only from 7am to 9pm every day at a cost of $1 plus $0.15 per minute. Users will download the SPIN app to their mobile phone to set up an account, find a map of scooter locations, pay for sessions, and ‘unlock’ scooters for use with a QR code scan.

“Scooters are an affordable, fast, convenient and fun way to travel around the City,” said Deputy Mayor Amy Quinn, “We did a ton of research before bringing this pilot to Asbury Park, including evaluating other cities that have launched scooter sharing programs and visiting Hoboken, the first municipality in New Jersey to launch a scooter share program. We see this as an amenity for residents who may not have access to a car or who are looking for an alternative to driving within Asbury Park. And, as with any pilot program, we will continue to evaluate it once it launches to ensure successful and safe operation of the scooters.”

Important Information for Riders:

  • Riders participating in the City’s Scooter Share program must be 18 years or older. Parents are urged not to lend their user accounts or scooter sessions to their children.
  • Scooter riding is not permitted on sidewalks. Scooters must be ridden in the street, using bike lanes when available.
  • Scooters must ride in the direction of traffic and riders must obey all traffic laws, including stopping at red traffic lights and stop signs.
  • No more than 1 person may ride a scooter at a time.
  • Helmets are not required by NJ State Law for scooter riders 18 years and older, but the City of Asbury Park strongly encourages helmet use.
  • Scooters can only be returned to designated parking zones which are visible in both the SPIN app and marked at the physical locations. The SPIN app will continue to charge you until your scooter is returned to a marked parking zone and the session is ended.
  • Scooters are physically capped at a limit of 15 mph.

Work in Progress:

  • The SPIN app will be requiring that users read safety information before each ride, not just after signing up.
  • Currently you must agree to the terms of service that state you are 18 years or older when you sign up for the app. The City is working with SPIN to enhance the age verification process on the app.
  • The City has already installed ‘no riding on sidewalk’ signs on Cookman and Springwood Avenues. Additional messaging will be applied to curb ramps to reinforce the sidewalk prohibition.
  • SPIN will be applying additional decals on the scooters that remind riders they must be 18 years or older and that sidewalk riding is prohibited.
  • SPIN will be adding large ID numbers to the scooters so that riders exhibiting bad behavior can be reported and suspended from the service.
  • The City will evaluate adding slow-go zones where speeds can be limited to less than 15 mph in congested areas.

To Report Scooter Concerns:

  • Go to and use the “Report a Concern” tool. This will ensure your concern is directed to the correct department.
  • Or, come to a City Council Meeting to speak during public portion on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month.
  • A friendly reminder that posting on social media is not the most effective way to make sure your comments get to the appropriate department.

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