What is Pay-by-Plate?

Pay-by-Plate parking is an alternative to the previous Pay-by-Space parking that was present in Asbury Park. Customers purchase parking time at a pay station or on the mobile parking app using their license plate. Purchase time is tied to a vehicle’s license plate.

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1. What is Pay-by-Plate?
2. Why is the City transitioning to Pay-by-Plate?
3. How do I know if the space that I park in is a metered parking space?
4. What should I do when I park in a metered parking space?
5. How can I register my plate so that I don’t need to remember it?
6. How do I enter my license plate at a parking pay station?
7. What if I type my plate number in wrong?
8. Can I extend my time for an active parking session?
9. Can I move spaces after I paid for a specific license plate with Pay-by-Plate?
10. How does Parking Enforcement know I paid?
11. Where do I go for more information or if I have a question on how to use the meter?