Why is the City transitioning to Pay-by-Plate?

Pay-by-plate parking will provide a more streamlined environment for enforcement of parking regulations combined with a better experience for visitors and guests. The City will no longer need to maintain marked parking space numbers on the pavement which can be difficult to see in poor visibility conditions. The City has found that many parkers enter incorrect space numbers. Creating a unified system of enforcement by license plate also allows resident and employee permit holders to have a better experience, eliminating the need for hangtags and decals.

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1. What is Pay-by-Plate?
2. Why is the City transitioning to Pay-by-Plate?
3. How do I know if the space that I park in is a metered parking space?
4. What should I do when I park in a metered parking space?
5. How can I register my plate so that I don’t need to remember it?
6. How do I enter my license plate at a parking pay station?
7. What if I type my plate number in wrong?
8. Can I extend my time for an active parking session?
9. Can I move spaces after I paid for a specific license plate with Pay-by-Plate?
10. How does Parking Enforcement know I paid?
11. Where do I go for more information or if I have a question on how to use the meter?