Public Works

Public Works - Duties & Responsibilities

  • Trash & Recycling (weekly collection & rules)
    • Trash collection program
    • Recycling – curbside collection program, drop off center and marketing of recyclable materials
    • Collection and disposal of yard waste, leaves, brush and all other trash or solid waste placed in the right of way outside of the weekly curbside
  • Roadway maintenance – sweeping, potholes, pavement management and inventory
  • Stormwater maintenance – cleaning of lake outfalls, sewers and water quality chambers
  • Shade tree maintenance, removal and planting
  • Street light outage reporting and repairs to City owned lighting
  • Snow and ice control, clearing and removal operations
  • Buildings and grounds maintenance and repair
  • Parks and recreational facilities maintenance and repair
  • Traffic signals, striping and signage maintenance and repair
  • Vehicles and equipment maintenance and procurement
  • Support services provided to neighboring municipalities including Neptune, Bradley Beach, Interlaken, Loch Arbour and Allenhurst

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