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The City of Asbury Park understands that parking issues are of paramount importance to residents, businesses and visitors.  The management of on-street and off-street parking has been identified as a priority for the City as it continues to grow in popularity.  A balance of the needs of all users of the street system must be considered in the management of parking.  

In order to manage the resource of on-street and off-street parking, the City implemented metered parking and parking permits in 2011.  The City continues to monitor parking availability in order to ensure all residents, employees and visitors can park in a reasonable amount of time and in a reasonable distance from their destinations.  The City has constituted an advisory Parking Committee which meets on the first Wednesday of each month. Click below for more information.




Temporary Reservation of Parking Spaces

Handicapped Parking

Parking Committee

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. When will the 2017 permits be available for purchase?
Permits will be available for purchase starting December 19, 2016.
2. Where can I go to purchase a parking permit?
Parking Utility Office (APPD Substation), 1201 Springwood Avenue, Unit 106
3. What is required to obtain a permit?
Residents: Drivers License, Vehicle Registration, Lease or Utility Bill or Deed, payment
Employees: Drivers License, Vehicle Registration, Notarized Letter from Employer or 2 current pay stubs
Note: Address on permit application and this information must be the same
4. How many residential permits can I obtain?
This depends on the zone that you live in:
In Zone 4, residents that have no available off-street parking can purchase up two (2) permits.  
In Zones 1, 2, and 3, residents that have access to off-street parking can purchase one (1) permit.
Residents that can demonstrate extenuating circumstances may be able to purchase up to (3) additional permits.
5.  Which zone do I live in?
Please refer to the residential permit parking map.
6. Are guest passes available?
No.  However, smart cards are available at a discounted rate. Cost for a $50 smart card is $45, a $75
smart card is $65, $100 smart card is $85, and $200 smart card is $170. The smart card can be used in all 
zones and has no expiration date.
7. How much do the permits cost?
The cost depends on the zone and number of permits needed; please refer to the application.
8. Where do I place my permit?
Hang tags must hang on the vehicle's rear view mirror and must be visible at all times.
9. Do I have to remove my old permit?
Yes, please remove all old permits.
10. How long is the permit valid for?
One Calendar Year, valid until December 31, 2017
11. Can I use my permit on more than one car?
Yes, but only one car at a time.
12. Can I park in a 15-minute space with my permit?
Yes, but parking time is still limited to 15 minutes in those designated spaces.
13. Do I have to move my car for alternate side parking even if I have a permit?
14. Is metered parking in effect for the entire calendar year?
15. Are parking regulations enforced year-round?
16. If my permit is lost or damaged, can it be replaced? If so, what is the cost?
Employee 5-Day - $120/year or $10/month
Employee 7-Day - $180/year or $15/month
17. What are the acceptable methods of payment for permits?
Cash, credit card, money order, or check
18. Can I mail my application and payment?
Application and payment can be sent to the Parking Utility Office: 1201 Springwood Avenue Unit 106, Asbury Park, 07712---Permits must be picked up in person.
19. Can I have the application emailed to me?
The application can be found online at the City's website -
20. May I pay the for parking via mobile device?
Yes. The Asbury PARK app can be downloaded onto a smartphone or data-enabled mobile device to pay for metered parking instead of paying the meter directly.  Parking time can be added from a mobile device. The transaction fee for the app is $0.30.  The app can be downloaded at

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