Planning & Redevelopment (Zoning)

The Department of Planning & Redevelopment strives to effectively encourage and support appropriate land development and redevelopment within the City of Asbury Park. We provide recommendations and assistance to the City Council, various land use boards, and the public. We also administer the municipal Green Team and maintain the City's Sustainable New Jersey Certification. Within this department, each staff member performs multiple roles, thus providing a variety of vital services to the community. 

Michele Alonso, Director, serves as Redevelopment Coordinator, Development Coordinator, and City Planner. In addition, she is coordinator for the Springwood Avenue Brownfield Development Area, project manager for EPA Brownfield and Petroleum Clean-up grants, and Green Team administrator. All applications to the Technical Review Committee, Planning Board and Zoning Board of Adjustment are sent to her attention for review. In addition, she receives requests for amendments to redevelopment plans.

Barbara Van Wagner, Assistant Planner, serves as Zoning Officer as well as the Secretary for both the Zoning Board of Adjustment and Planning Board. She ensures that all residential and commercial uses conform to the City’s zoning requirements. Since zoning approval needs to be obtained prior to the commencement of any construction work, please call or email Barbara to determine whether the work proposed complies with all ordinance requirements and whether a permit is required.

Zoning approvals are required for all work that mandates a construction permit, except for interior only renovations, and for all fences, driveways, and signage on all residential properties and commercial businesses. Fence and construction approvals are $10. Sign permits are $25 for both new and replacement signage. A Certificate of Zoning Compliance costs $20 and is issued for Transfers of Title to verify the use of the site; changes of use; and for new businesses prior to obtaining Mercantile Licenses. Sidewalk Cafes and Sidewalk Sales, also require zoning approval.

Zoning Maps, the Zoning Ordinance, and all forms and applications can be found on this website under "Useful Links" below or obtained in-person from the Planning & Redevelopment Department on the second floor in City Hall

Land Use

  • Provides interpretations of local laws and guidance regarding the development approval process
  • Approves zoning compliance for transfer of title and for construction permits.
  • Maintains files of all redevelopment plans and their amendments, redeveloper agreements, site plan and variance application files, zoning records, and various planning studies and reports, most of which can be found on this website.

Development Review

The Department is the home to the Municipal Land Use Boards: the Planning Board, the Zoning Board of Adjustment, and the Technical Review Committee. All applications for development are submitted to the Director for a completeness review prior to being scheduled for review by a Municipal Land Use Board. Any requests for encroachment in the public Right-Of-Way are filed and reviewed by the department. 

One of the department’s key roles is to interpret the municipal zoning ordinance and redevelopment regulations. The Department also reviews all construction permits for compliance with zoning ordinance standards. Zoning Permits, Zoning Certificates of Compliance, and Zoning letters of interpretation are obtained from this Department. 


The Department of Planning & Redevelopment manages redevelopment activity within the City of Asbury Park. This includes physical development within the City’s redevelopment areas and the negotiation of redeveloper agreements.

Staff members also work to amend the City’s redevelopment plans to ensure that they continue to reflect the City’s current vision as well as new land use trends.

Current Long Term Planning Projects

MASTER PLAN: The Planning Board recently adopted the re-examination of the Master Plan. The adopted plan can be found here

CHOICE NEIGHBORHOODS: The Department of Planning along with the Asbury Park Housing Authority are the recipients of a HUD Choice Neighborhood Planning Grant for the West Side neighborhood. To review the Choice plan visit

EPA BROWNFIELDS: The City launched the execution of its EPA Brownfield and Petroleum Assessment Grant that was awarded in 2016. With this grant, the City and its consultants will be creating a site inventory and select 4 sites for contamination assessment, 2 of which will focus on petroleum contamination.

DRAFT AFFORDABLE HOUSING PLAN: the city has issued a draft affordable housing plan that will be considered by the municipal planning board on January 28, 2019. It can be found here.

DRAFT WALKING & BIKING PLAN: The City has issued a draft pedestrian and bicycle plan that will be considered by the municipal planning board. It can be found here

Department Activities

The Department continually strives to improve local ordinances and redevelopment plans to make them more user-friendly, address new situations, and correct deficiencies.

    • Amended the Central Business District Redevelopment Plan to allow for the City's first craft distillery and bringing service uses back to Cookman Avenue.
    • Amended the Waterfront Redevelopment Plan area permitting smaller scale development that is less than a city block.
    • Earned Silver Level Certification by Sustainable Jersey, which is a prestigious designation demonstrating a municipal government’s commitment to the environment;
    • Hosted the first "Better Block" event on Springwood Avenue to show how revitalization of a single commercial block in an underused neighborhood corridor can positively impact the surrounding community as a whole.
    • Completed a strategic revitalization plan for the West Side neighborhood of Asbury Park.


Recent Achievements

2018 Sustainable New Jersey Silver Certification.

2018 Great Places in New Jersey Designation from the New Jersey Chapter of the American Planning Association.

2016 State of New Jersey Street Smart Award

2012 Monmouth County Planning Board Merit Award for  Springwood Center Redevelopment Project 2012

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