Snow Season Hints

  • Watch weather reports closely, particularly when storms are being predicted. Make every effort not to drive during and immediately after storm conditions—roads can be hazardous and traffic interferes with efforts to remove ice and snow.

  • When possible, park vehicles off street prior to and during winter storms. On one-way streets, park on the left hand side of streets as you face the direction of traffic flow (i.e. east side for south bound, west side for north bound) this will make it easier for plows to operate especially on the narrow streets such as Bond, Emory, Heck, Bergh and Webb. On Boston Way, try to park off street or on the south side.

  • Snow removal goals are to clear streets curb to curb. So when shoveling out vehicles and driveways place snow to the right hand side of your vehicle or driveways as you face the street—this will avoid snow you removed from being plowed back into your driveway or onto your vehicle. Don’t throw snow in the middle of the street; this can cause an accident and eventually may be plowed back to you. Try, when possible, to place snow up on the curb out of street lines to prevent it from winding up in your driveway or that of your neighbors.
  • Remember to have patience when dealing with winter storms: do not over exert yourself. Our crews generally have roads open and streets cleared within a few hours after cessation of snowfall.

  • Please follow the ABC’s of winter, it will allow our crews to do a better and safer job of clearing snow and ice from streets in you neighborhood. It should make your cleanup easier too.

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