Handicapped and Disabled Veterans Parking

On April 12, 2017, the City Council adopted Ordinance 2017-14 making parking in handicapped designated spaces free throughout the City.  Per state guidelines effective 2013, handicapped parkers must pay for the maximum time allowed by the meter in any other metered space, before the free 24-hour overtime exception applies.  They must also possess a valid and up to date registration card, hangtag and/or license plate.  Please see the New Jersey Department of Disability Services Guidelines for further information.

From City Ordinance 2017-14:

Section 7-41.3 (e)    Handicapped Metered Parking Spaces.

For purposes of compliance with N.J.S.A. 39:4-207, no penalty shall be imposed for the parking overtime of persons and/or vehicles covered by N.J.S.A. 39:4-207, so long as the maximum time shall have been purchased, and so long as said individual and/or vehicle shall have been parked in one location for not more than 24 hours. 

The parking rate for handicapped designated parking spaces shall be free at all times for any motor vehicle which has displayed thereon a placard or wheelchair symbol license plates. (Ord. No. 2017-14)

From the NJ DDS Guidelines (p.10):

Q: Is a person with a wheelchair symbol license plate/placard required to deposit money when parking at a metered space?

A: Yes. When parking at a metered space, a driver with a disability placard/license plate must put the appropriate amount of money in the meter. If the vehicle will occupy the space for more than the maximum amount of time allotted on the meter, the driver must fill the meter to the maximum amount allowed. This will permit the vehicle to occupy the space for up to 24 hours without having to come back and refill the meter. A municipality may require the vehicle to vacate the space after 24 hours.

(Note: metered parking is delegated to local municipalities by N.J.S.A. 39:4-197; The 24 hour limit is set forth in N.J.S.A. 39:4-207)

NJ DDS FAQ regarding handicapped parking

Parking for Disabled Veterans

  • New Jersey law (N.J.S.A. 39:4-207.10) permits exemption from payment of municipal parking meter fees, for up to 24 hours, for disabled veterans and Purple Heart 
    recipients under certain, specific circumstances:
    • The parked vehicle is owned by the disabled veteran or the Purple Heart recipient.
    • The disabled veteran or Purple Heart recipient is the driver or a passenger in that vehicle.
    • The vehicle displays a unique placard issued by the MVC.
  • A disabled veteran or Purple Heart recipient placard affords the vehicle owner the same privileges as the license plates.
  • An applicant for a placard must be the owner of the vehicle in which the placard is to be used, and the placard can only be used by the owner if that owner is
    the driver of the vehicle or a passenger in it.


To receive such a placard, applicants must submit the following:

For disabled veterans, present: For Purple Heart recipients, present:

The applicant’s DD-214 (or DD-215 if applicable);


The applicant’s Award of Disability letter from the Veteran’s Administration.

The applicant’s DD-214 (or DD-215 if applicable), showing Purple Heart Recipient status;


The applicant’s citation awarding the Purple Heart;


The applicant’s General Order for the Purple Heart.


  • Placards are available at any MVC agency or by mail.
    • NJMVC
      Special Plates Unit
      P. O. Box 015
      Trenton, NJ 08666-015
    • In person, submit proof of status and a completed, signed application (SP-47), or
    • By mail, send photocopy of proof of status and a completed, signed application (SP-47) to:
  • Placards are subject to renewal/recertification every 3 years.
  • Placards clearly show their expiration date, which will be on the last day of the month that is punched out. The year of expiration will also be punched out.
  • The holder of a disabled veteran or Purple Heart recipient placard can also be issued a Person with a Disability (PWAD) placard, if eligible. These unique placards do not replace a PWAD placard.
  • The disabled veteran or Purple Heart recipient placard cannot be used for parking in PWAD labeled parking spots.
  • Applicants who meet the requirements for both a disabled veteran and Purple Heart recipient placard must decide which type of unique placard - DV or PH - they wish to receive. Only one type of these unique placards can be issued.
  • The holder of a unique placard will be issued a placard recipient identification card that will match the owner information on the vehicle registration card for the vehicle in use.
  • This specific identification card indicates the actual person who is entitled to use the privilege of the unique placard.
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